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Game Design

Melt your audience’s hearts and tickle their funny bones. We love turning “serious work” into play.

UX Consulting

Need help boosting activation, engagement, or retention? Give your content the UX support it deserves.

Responsive Development

We’ve got the technical chops to turn dreams into reality. Our process makes sites glow across all devices and screens.

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Our work has been showcased at conferences around the country. Sample some of our favorite pieces below.

Stop Wasting Lab Kits launched their medical-waste reduction app in Spring 2018, and we helped them build conference-floor buzz with a light-hearted arcade game speaking right to their customer.

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Find the right key to start!

Match 'em!

Grab the right lab kit before time runs out!

And don't just take our word for it...

Sam did an amazing job understanding what our needs were and delivering a fun game on time and budget. His unique ability to not only conceptualize but also to develop and implement was exactly what we needed for this project. He took it and ran with it, and totally nailed it. The game was such a huge success and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome!

Michael Felix CTO,

Wide Open Games

In 2017, we created Wide Open Games - an interactive magazine full of games for personal growth. Play these games whenever you need a dose of courage, calm, acceptance, or connection.

New Friend Finder

A fast and funny game about opening up to new friends.

A Cloud Weighs A Million Pounds

A calming visualization you can hold in your palm and play with your fingertips.

Skydive With Me

Jump past your fears in this arcade game about moving through doubt.

Classroom Games

Our roots lie in formal educational design. Now we take those lessons and apply them across internal and external subjects.

Beat the Thief

Designed & developed for UT Austin to teach kids about safe sharing online.

Food Fight

Developed at BrainPOP, a 2-player biome-based fight to be the dominant species.

Guts and Bolts

Build a cyborg and learn body systems in this 2012 Serious Play conference gold medalist.


PlayGood Games is dedicated to using tech in service to the world. If you've got wisdom to share, we want to help.
That guy in the circle is Sam Potasznik, and he runs PlayGood with help from his friends in Austin, TX's amazing community of game makers.
Sam's a big fan of therapy, meditation, and rock climbing. His favorite game ever is Toe Jam and Earl for the Sega Genesis.

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